Angeles University Foundation: Your Destination towards Medical Dream

Lots of students have a dream in study medical and to be a successful doctor. Being a doctor is not only a profession ; actually it is a journey.  It is such a journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.
A physician carries loads of values in our society. Not only it is a service to humanity, but also all it is making a difference to humanity. The hardest part of being a doctor is the long study period that reqjuires 13 years of long academic journey for being a doctor.But undoutedly, the effort is worthy. Being a doctor is a blessings as you need to take care of those wwho need you most at their critical time.
Medical career is more challenging and gratifying.Sacrifices of  personal life, long hours of work is a part of this journey that we all know. But there's also a story behind a doctor. Being doctor is exclusively hard. Now we are discussing about their's life who went through a slice of  another world for holding on their dreams despite living tho…