The perfect way to say Congrats! Commencement Ceremony of Trinity School of Medicine Class of 2018

 Trinity school of medicine
Trinity School of Medicine held its 2018 Commencement ceremony at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Do you know what is the touching facility of it.Trinity administrative and academic leadership and a variety of VIPs welcomed students along with their family and friends that counts 400.2018 is the 10th year of operation and tremendous growth to Trinity Medical School. One specific thin to notice that the family atmosphere and sincere bonding that the students receive from faculty always add a dimension that plays the role of catalyst of Trinity's growth.

The   moving congratulatory remarks was stated by president Steven R. Wilson, who welcomed the assembled graduates, thanked the students for their efficiency and hard work as  with the commitment to follow their careers with great anticipation as they move on into their residencies. 

Governor General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne, MD expresses his amusement at the accomplished students of Trinity Medical School; also he stated  expectation on them as a physician, their duties of the small island which believes on the mission of Trinity Medical School.

The Dean of Trinity, Medical College Dr. Linda Adkison stated the heartfelt message of of two cherished members of the Trinity family,Dr. Paula Dessaur Wilson and Dr. Margaret Anderson; the two cherished member who are going to be retired.Dr. Dessaur Wilson took the responsibility and pride of students' Oath of Geneva; which binds them for the ethical practice of their profession.

BookMyAdmission wishes cordial alleviation for their medical journey.

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